anemone de caen bulbs

gardenbug(8b)March 24, 2011

I purchased a package of these bulbs today and I don't know a whole lot about planting bulbs. The nursery has a wide variety of bulbs out now, so I figured I could plant them now. But, when checking them out on line, I found that they are fall planting bulbs. Now I am confused if I should take them back or plant them.

The package also says 'Great for Naturalizing' can you please tell me what that means?

Also, I would like to know if these will grow okay in morning shade and afternoon sun in my perennial garden.

Thanks again for helping me.

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They should do fine in your zone and naturalize too. I have had then come back for years. Here they do fine in morning shade and afternoon sun, or any other combination of sun and shade. Al

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This is a late spring/early summer blooming bulb so is often sold for spring planting. You can also purchase growing plants (if not now, then in the next few weeks) that are much easier to get going :-) 'Naturalizing' means the bulbs multiply in the ground, eventually creating a colony of blooming plants.

Soaking the corms/tubers for 24 hours before planting rehydrates them and makes growing easier. Plant 4" deep in well-draining soil.

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Thank you gardengal and calistoga,
Well, my anemones are just poking through the soil now. I can hardly wait to see what they will look like. Thanks again.

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