late-planted bulbs

lalalaMarch 10, 2012

Hi all,

I received a big order of bulbs in the fall--daffodils, crocuses, muscari, and tulips. I planted about half of them right away (late October/early November) and the rest did not get around to until after Christmas. They were stored in an unheated porch, but didn't freeze. Some sprouted a little but did not seem rotten or dried out when I planted them. Now all the ones I planted early are starting to sprout--the daffodils are 4 or 5 inches tall and some of the crocuses are in bloom. None of the late-planted bulbs even have shoots. Do you think there is hope that they'll just be late bloomers, or are they a lost cause?

thank you!

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Odds are good that many to most will grow, as long as they weren't frozen before planting, and you said they weren't. They will be delayed, and when they grow, stems of tulips will be quite short. Many but not all may bloom. In future years, the species that live long term will all be fine, but may take a couple of seasons to build their strength to normal levels. Tulips, well, many kinds aren't very perennial for many people, often degenerating to just foliage after a year or two, but that depends on the variety and the conditions.

You should know if they're good just by digging around and looking at a few. If you see roots and shoots, no matter how small, they'll be fine.

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Thanks, denninmi! Hope you're right. I'll try digging a few if I don't see any shoots soon.

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You were right--they are starting to emerge! Several weeks later than the earlier-planted bulbs, but I see multiple shoots poking up. Hooray, and thanks for the encouragement.

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