Ficus bonsai dropped all its leaves & branches?

organic_michael_13July 18, 2007

I bought a Ficus Microcarpa bonsai last year that was very healthy and had deep green leaves. It has been growing well for a long time. I went on holiday for a week and thought it could take care of itself - but when I came home, every single leaf was dead! I thought the branches were dead so I cut them off, but they were still alive!

I couldn't believe it!

It was in a room at the back of the house where it gets enough light. I moved it to the greenhouse to get more sun and be warm. There is only the trunk left, I scratched it to see if it was green and it is. I water it once a week and the soil is always moist. It was still moist when I came home.

It doesn't have any ariel roots.

It was twice as big as it is now.

Is there any way to get my Ficus to grow it's branches back again? Maybe grafting a Ficus Benjamina on the Microcarpa might work?

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Wait - it'll either do it all by itself (but take weeks/months) which is most likely, or it won't do it. It's genetic and while it's one thing to try and encourage one to grow in a particular place, or graft one on, you're talking about a whole tree and either of those choices will not really look so hot if done in more than one place. Can you get another tree? You might try cutting yours down - that often will encourage new growth, but whether you get branches or just more leaves is hard to say. I'd do it because of 'nothing to lose' at this point.

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I can't get another tree - it isn't available. It is only the trunk with no branches, it looks like a rock. It is only a few cms tall and there is nothing left to cut.

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