Is my Bonzai Dead/Dying?

JamesGouldJuly 16, 2013

I know that there are a million thread like this already, but I'm worried that my bonzai is Dead/Dying, I've attached a picture of it.

Basically the leaves are almost all brown at this stage, its my first plant a Zanthorxylum, my mum bought it for my birthday at my request, but I obviously don't have a green thumb :(

I think i've been over watering it and leaving it on the window sill during a heat wave probably wasn't a very good idea either -.-

Is there anyway I can save it? or should i recycle it and start over when I'm better prepared?


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hopefully someone can give you some good advice about saving it. but being that its your first plant, i suspect you are on to something with the overwatering. depending on the light situation, maybe if it went from inside some store to directly in a bright window, perhaps it should have been eased more into it? other than that i dont think you could give it too much light if its indoors

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