help please new takashima bonsai dying? (pics)

bau250July 1, 2013

Hell all,

I have a TAKASHIMA BONSAI and it was doing great for about a month after I purchased it.

It went from GREEN to crispy GREEN leaves overnight about 2 weeks back. The only thing I can think of is maybe I fed it too much fertilizer?

It gets around 12-14 hours a day of sunlight, never direct sunlight except MAYBE early morning for a little while. Other than that, always in shade. Water it once a day until water comes out of bottom into humidity tray. When I can, I will leave it outside on the nice days in shade to get fresh air. I BABY this plant!

Any thoughts?

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One more close up picture

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what type of soil is it in? is it just lave rocks? if so then you may have really burned it with the fertilizer - they dont need much. It looks like those upper roots are really dry - also sometimes water can run right through if it is all rock and never get enough root saturation

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