ficus with dead leaves and branches

organic_michael_13July 18, 2007

Maybe I could send you a few pics with your email of the bonsai, Lucy.

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Hi, you didn't need to start a new post on this, but anyway, I don't think there's much point in looking at a short stick :-) with no branches. It's up to you to either wait, not bother, or decide to chop more off the top. No magic bullets I'm afraid.

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If I cut more of the top off, will it send out shoots more quickly than just waiting?

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Most likely.

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Thankyou. I found a ficus microcarpa bonsai in a shop so I bought it. It wasn't a ginseng type like the other one but still is the same species. If there isn't enough shoots that come out of the ginseng fig, maybe I could graft a piece of the new bonsai on. Can you use wax to hold it in place?

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