Who else is stalking their bulbs?

rigelcaj(z5 VT)March 12, 2013

Now that it's thinking about being mud season, I've started my annual bulb stalking. Nearly every morning, I make my rounds in the gardens to see who's poking up. My snowdrops (almost type snotdrops every time, which may be a sign) are decently along, but only three, and two are old clumps I didn't plant. Have I met my match in them? Hmm. I planted at least a dozen. The old faithful tulips, muscari and daffs are promising to make up for the snotdrops (ha!), and the crocus will, I'm sure, put in a creditable performance.

I actually had a crocus bloom in a big pot of wax hoya that comes in for the winter. Talk about a treat! It bloomed in February. There are pansies blooming in that pot now. I think I may have to do that intentionally next year. So there are benefits to an old house short on insulation!

Happy spring - I'm sure everyone's bulbs are much further along than mine.

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katob Z6ish, NE Pa

It's always nice to know you're not the only crazy one. Bulb stalking is exactly what I do. On a nice day the slow shuffle around the garden and the bending down and poking around is a three or four times a day thing. I've started using the binoculars to check out the back parts of the yard from behind the curtains so the neighbors don't know just how desperate I am to see stuff growing. I need a hobby!
Oh yeah right.... Gardening.

I have snowdrops and a few other early things. The tulips just started poking out today after a good downpour and a couple warm days. You're not far behind me at all, probably at just about the same spot. A few more days.....

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kristiepdx(8b, sunset 6)

I am a total bulb and flower stalker. Part of my daily routine is to check on everything. My neighbors then watch me through their windows. So far my species tulips "show winner", crocus lawn, snow drops, little gem daffodils, 3 types of hellebores, iris "harmony" and "katherine hodgkin" and white squill have been blooming. Many more to come.
Winter daphne is quite aromatic this year, witchazels bloomed nicely, as did 4 of my camelias. Flowering quince is going BLAM! right now as well as forsythia.

I have a circut that I walk around my yard so I can do my "checks" My husband laughs because I have to touch everything too. My neighbors must think I am crazy.

Then I must photograph everything and post it to my facebook album "whats blooming this time of year". At least my facebook frrinds "like" my flowers :-)

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rigelcaj(z5 VT)

Kato, I'm surprised we're that close in season progress. I always love going to CT in the spring because it's like a sneak preview. It's usually about a month ahead of us. I'd think PA would be even more so. Thanks for the comfort though. Didn't you do a bunch of snowdrops last fall?

Kristie, do you also go around sniffing everything? I do! And talk to them as well as touching them. At least once they're blooming I don't look quite so crazy.

I discovered this morning that I owe the snowdrops an apology: at least 7-8 emerged yesterday. I still lost some, but will cross my fingers that at least these guys get established.

I also have a confession: I pulled the piles of manure off the roses over the weekend, though I'm quite sure the rose people would tell me it's much too early. I'm a serious beginner with roses, and these are a friend's orphans, so highly experimental, but I did mound them with manure once the ground froze. Then realized that I'd planted bulbs all around them last fall (hey, it was easy, since the roses were freshly planted, and I had too many bulbs!). WHAT was I thinking? Well, we'll see if any come up. I'm optimistic, but spring will do that to a person. :)

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katob Z6ish, NE Pa

I'm also guilty of putting in bulbs where maybe I should have left the ground empty. But I can always move them again, right? lol as if that will ever happen! I was lucky to get hem in the ground in the first place.

Kristie, do you really have a crocus lawn? I'm jealous. I planted a bunch, but have yet to see what it amounts too. Fingers are crossed.

We are a little in the mountains here and even though Philly is just a few miles south it's like going two zones up when you head out there.

The warmer days and rain we had yesterday brought out a lot of sprouts that weren't showing Sunday. Even though we are back to 20F as a low and snow squalls during the day I still feel like spring is here.

I did add some snowdrops last fall. Most of them got potted up and bloomed under lights in February, but a few went in the ground. They're just starting to flower now and I have high hopes for them settling in and multiplying... I can hope, right?
This is my old patch that just started blooming last weekend. It's not much to look at but until the bigger stuff starts blooming it's just perfect.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

I read the title, and the first couple posts as staking... I probably had a pretty funny look, head tilted sideways, brows furrowed...

Oh yes I'm stalking the bulbs! Still trying to figure out what some of them are... found in yard when drought killed the grass, appropriated from abandoned house, moved from shade to sun after not blooming for years...

The Amaryllis made pups, don't know if those are expected to flower yet or not, or will appreciate how I moved them to where they can be seen better. Moved them in Sept or Oct, so hope that didn't affect this years' bloom on the main bulb.

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rigelcaj(z5 VT)

Ha Purple! Bet it got you to open the thread, though! But you have amaryllis - those are big enough to stake! Or my mother's were. I can't grow them to save my life. Good luck with yours - the thought of growing them outside is wild!

Kato, the snowdrops are so cute, and doing more than the ones I planted last fall. I never really thought about planting them til two big clumps came up at the house I'd just bought. I mean, who needs more white after a winter full of snow? One look at the clumps, and I raised my hand.

We're back to freezing cold and windy, but at least the mud in the woods is frozen. It's also time to stalk the bloodroot and trillium, you know.

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