Anyone plant allium and acidanthera together?

sara82lee(8a - SE Va)March 9, 2014

Anyone try to "mix" these two? I LOVE my acidanthera, but haven't grown any allium, but I'm thinking about getting some and planting them with some more acidanthera.

Sound like a good idea, or awful? Thanks, Sara :)

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Campanula UK Z8

acidanthera is very late blooming here - the alliums are usually long finished, even the later blooming ones.....but they will enjoy similar growing conditions - full sun, good drainage, regular moisture when in bloom..

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sara82lee(8a - SE Va)

Thanks Campanula... sounds like there will be a bit of a gap between them then. I'll probably put some kind of annual in front of them maybe. I'll have to think on it a little.

In any case, I put them in the ground just yesterday. Wrong time of year for planting allium for sure, so we'll see if I even get any blooms at all from them this year. I've had good luck with bulbs still blooming that I've planted out of season in the past though. Crossing my fingers :)

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