Planning on moving and I want to take bulbs with me!

ziggysflowersMarch 18, 2009

My husband is planning on moving us within the next year or two and I would like to take my bulbs with me because they were my grandmas and some came from leftover wedding favors. The only problem is we don't exactly know how soon we will be moving. It might happen over the winter here and I don't want to leave my bulbs behind. Is there any way I can put them in pots or dry them until they can be planted in there new location (we are only moving 30 miles away or so, so the climate will be no different). I have just spent too much money and time getting my gardens to look full and nice and there are soo many memories from the ones from my grandma that I don't want to lose them!

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

Bulbs that are in my garden range from tulips, hyacinths, crocus, iris, daffodils.

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I was just signing in to ask the very same thing. Although we are renters, I've lived in this house for over forty years. My father planted in this garden when I was just a kid and I'd like to take not only my plants but some of Dads daffodils etc ... I've always been told bulbs sink too deeply into the ground and stop coming up at some point, but even some of his tulips pop up after all these years and I'd like them with me when I move

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You could dig them and put them in pots to go dormant, but I would invest in some labels and mark what and where the bulbs are. It may be a good idea as well to make a drawing that shows you where they are, so you can find them to dig them up when you get ready to leave. Make sure to dig far enough away that you don't slice them up.

I might also talk to the landlord to get permission to come back in the spring to fetch anything you might have missed just in case. It can't hurt to ask!

Good luck!


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jackied164(z6 MA)

you would need to dig them after they flower and their foliage starts to decline (or mark them well and dig in the fall). At anyrate you would need to plant them somewhere in the fall (in pots?) and store them. If you have any friends with a vegetable garden maybe you could bury the pots there overwinter for storage.

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Thank you very much, folks.

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