When to plant summer bulbs

valtorrez(6b)March 14, 2010

When do I plant summer bulbs? I live in St. Louis and would like to start planting flowers/plants so I can have color all the time. Secondly, which bulbs can I purchase that I dont have to dig up and store. When I purchased my home a year ago I found lots of bulbs already planted in flower beds. They are now all growing up this year. I'm assuming these bulbs have always been her d/t the man I purchased home from never doing much gardening and my next door neighbor telling me that the original owner had lots of plants in flower beds before she sold home 8 years ago.

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keriann_lakegeneva(5B WI/IL border)

Summer blooming bulbs that you do not have to dig up are few and far between up here...lilies is all I can think of.

I am up in WI, right on the border of IL and the only bulbs I do not dig up are my Spring blooming bulbs such as tulips, daffs, alliums ect.

I would stick with perennials, they do not bloom as long as annuals but they are low maintenace and you only have to buy them once... and then you can divide like crazy!

Some of my favorites that have a long bloom season are:

Stella De Oro
Phlox and creeping phlox
Spiked Speedwell and creeping speedwell
balloon flowers
creeping tyme
day lilies
and the list goes on...

Does that help?


Oh.. as far as when to plant summer bulbs.. after the ground has warmed a bit, for me it is after Mother's day (I am in zone 5B) but I would call your local greenhouse, they could let you know when your soil is ~50 degrees.

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donnabaskets(Zone 8a, Central MS)

More than likely the bulbs you see coming up are spring bulbs like daffodils, snowflakes, etc. These are fall planted bulbs that stay in the ground from year to year. Summer planted bulbs are typically (though not always) cold tender and must be dug each fall, stored inside through the winter and replanted in the spring. Examples would be dahlias, caladiums, and gladiolas. These kinds of bulbs are usually planted around the time you would set tomatoes in the ground. I watch for night time lows to be consistently above 55 degrees for that.

If you order your bulbs from a bulb company, they normally send the bulbs to you when it is time to plant in your area: a very big convenience.

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