Dying Ligustrum? :-( Please help!

zcollins234July 10, 2014

I'm very new to bonsai keeping and I really loved my it so I am hoping someone can help me to make it better!
I was given a Ligustrum Bonsai for Christmas 2013. It was in ok condition...
Recently, it has started losing almost all of its leaves. It is well watered and sits in sunlight in my dining room at table height (South East UK).
It doesn't appear to be overly healthy... It also has these white specs appearing all over the trunk, which I have really struggled to find out what these are (pictures faintly show).
I have immersed it in water and also used bonsai feed to help.
If you wobble the trunk, it rocks slightly in its roots, but i'm not sure if this is due to rotting or if it needs replanting.
I'm reluctant to put the bonsai outside and I worried it may kill it for good.

If anyone has any suggestions or knows what this is, please, please, please, help me! If you need any more information please just ask :-)

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White specks.

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Not an expert but think you have some sort of insect infestation like aphids, sooty mold,.... I dunno. Can you wipe that white stuff off? Is it sticky?

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I think you've drowned the heck out of it... not sure if there's any hope at this point. It may be a good idea to learn all you can about a particular tree and how to grow it before spending... I know it's hard to resist some in the stores, but if you can at least run home after looking, and do a bit of research, you'll have some idea if your growing conditions (location, light availability, etc. ) are going to work for that tree - then go back and buy it.

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Hi Winterfell,
It's not sticky but you can wipe it off. Feels slightly powdery.

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