Please help me with my bonzi...

jameya(zone 5/ central indiana)July 14, 2014

Hello all,
I went into a big box store and right when you walk in they had a lot of plants. I started digging around looking through them and on a bottom shelf all the way in the back in the dark there was this pretty bonzi. I fell in love with it and brought it home. Ive had it now about a month. The tag didnt say anything other then bonzi and to feed every 2 weeks with an all purpose plant food. I am new to plants and love them and want to learn so ive bought quite a few indoor and outdoor plants this past spring and summer.

Here is some info on what i have been doing:
I keep it in the kitchen on a shelf over the facuet. There are no curtains, or blinds or anything on any of the windows there. The bonzi sits in the west facing window. On the outside of that window on the outside of the house there is an awning like thing over the top of the window. Also there are 2 windows facing south less then a foot from that window, so its getting sun from all 3 windows. My house doesnt have air in it, just in a bedroom far away, so its warm and humid in my house. I have no repotted it, or done anything to it other then put a bit of water in 2 times in that month. I used bottle water both times. And one of those times i added drops of shultz fertlizier.

The issues i am having, when i brought it home, there were some stems that didnt have leaves so i cut them off. Then i noticed that anytime i move or bump the shelf its on, its loosing its leaves. It also has rocks and moss on top of the soil it came in and ive been reading that those rocks should not be there...should i remove them and the moss as well?? Should i replant the whole bonzi into another pot?? Today when i moved the plant to take a couple pictures of it, i noticed there was a tiny fast moving something on it. It was about the size of a nat, but moved so quick i couldnt get it or even see it, it looked like it ran into the soil where the bonzi is planted. Do bonzi's get bugs like spider mites or whatever it could be maybe from the other plants it was crowded with??
Also, i was thinking maybe i should take it outside for the summer. I have a bench in full sun that i have planters of basil and sage on and those two are doing great out there, so im wondering if maybe i should sit it out there with those until the fall and then worry when i bring it back in??
As you can tell i am not sure what i need to do, but im worried with it loosing leaves that if i wait to ask for help much longer, it will be so far gone i cant save it.
Thanks :) i know if anyone can help me you guys can!!

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jameya(zone 5/ central indiana)

Here is another picture

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jameya(zone 5/ central indiana)

Here is the only tag that came with it, and it does not have much info on it.

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Are the stone and moss glued? If so you need to chisel that off immediately! For it won't allow water to reach the root system. Then give it a good soak.

I also wouldn't go removing all your are bound to lose more leaves before it's over if there is glue on top of the pot. Also...I would refrain from giving fertilizer while it's dropping leaves.

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That looks like a Fukien Tea bonsai Those can be very finicky. I have not had issues with mine but it's common to hear that they drop all of their leaves at the littlest things. As long as it is getting plenty of sun, it should put on new leaves in a few weeks, it is likely stressed from the move.

they CAN get bugs, but I'd guess it's not a bug issue. I would put it outside while you can, it will be much happier. Since it's been inside so long start slow, put it in the shade outside first.

If the rocks and moss are glues to the top of the plant, yes, chisel that off! it is really bad for the plant. If you'd like you can put it into some really well draining soil (Nothing like Miracle Gro, that stuff is awful - the search function here should give you some ideas).

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It is a Fukien Tea and needs primarily a lot of humidity, a lot of light and some crossed fingers for newbies! If you're not a regular bonsai-ist you might find a local club to bring your tree to because I don't know how long or well you'll do otherwise with that tree... nothing personal, but those people selling the things (Wal-Mart?) without even ID'ing the tree should be shot. Or at least bonsai'd! Please don't water it to any schedule, but when it seems to be needed - i.e. when the top 1/2" or so is dry... and please, please check that the pot it came in has a good sized drain hole so roots don't rot and water drains away.

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