Poppy Anemone

hosemanMarch 30, 2009

I purchased a potted Poppy Anemone at the garden shop yesterday. It was in bloom. I thought it was a little early for poppies to be blooming in the warmer part of zone 7. The lady indicated, well, yes it is early, but...

So, I guess it was green house grown.

I am wondering if I plant it outside and we get frost, will it be killed? I have it on the porch, so any frost we may get would not kill it. I doubt if we will have anymore hard freezes, but the frost free date is around May 1st.

When the danger of frost is over and I plant it outside, will it come back next year? OR Did I buy a green house forced plant and about the best I can get out of it is to enjoy it now on the porch and then discard it after it stops blooming? How long should it bloom>?

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donnabaskets(Zone 8a, Central MS)

Anemone coronaria can be very iffy in our zone. There is conflicting info on its hardiness. Some say it is hardy only down to 28 degrees. Some say it's hardy in zone 7. Perhaps winter wet has something to do with it too. I don't know. I do know that when I have planted these bulbs in the past in my zone 7B garden, I got probably only about 25% return the second year. You have nothing to lose to try, but I would wait until May 1 to plant it out.

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Mine are happy in frost and freeze, temps this year got down to low 20s. They are carefree for me in 7b. In fact it will get too warm in a month or 6 weeks

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