Larvea in soil

paul3636(6a Ma.)July 7, 2007

I bought a healthy looking juniper with a nice trunk but not much else. With a little work it could be a nice bonsai. It was pruned to get the trunk to show better and repotted. I took off about a 3rd of the soil and than a little more to make it fit in the pot. When the last of the soil fell it showed a pocket of larvea and ants.I took out all that could be seen but I'am sure some escaped me. I don't know if they were ant larve or if the ants were eating them.

Has anyone run into this when repotting?

Is it harmfull to the plant or other plants around it.

Can any thing be done or should any thing be done?

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michaelg(7a NC Mts)

There are ants that nest in houseplants; I am familiar with a small black unaggressive species that does that, sometimes a huge population developing in a big pot. The larvae are white and in scale with the ants. All you need to do is watch to see if ants are coming and going, and if so you can treat the outside of the pot and surrounding surface with a residual ant spray, which would eventually wipe out any remaining colony.

They dig out cells in the soil and somehow waterproof the roof and sides.

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paul3636(6a Ma.)

You described it. That's what i had. The pocket was cleaned out but still saw some ants and larvea so an ant trap was set on top of the soil.
It should work. My fingrts are crossed.

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