Ligustrum Issues.

Randomly_InterestedJuly 21, 2014

Hi everyone,

So I've had my ligustrum for about 2 years and so far there have been no problems.

Recently however things have taken a turn for the worse - the tree has dropped most of its leaves and the remaining ones are soft and curled.

I've recently (2 weeks ago) moved house and returned from holiday, during which my housemate watered the tree. It seemed OK but then its health took a nosedive.

What should I do to repair the damage? The tree is next to an east facing window in the UK so it gets a fair amount of sunlight.

Here are some photos:

Thanks so much everyone,

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Put the tree outside now, for life. It has no business indoors, let alone in an east window, especially in the UK. Your friend may have watered too much or not enough - can't tell from here obviously - but it won't get better where it is and not knowing anything else about it, what it's in, etc. can't say more now. For the first week or so however, if possible, move it out of direct sun during midday for a few hours (again, not knowing your day to day weather, it's hard to say).

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bononnie(z6 CT,US)

Agreed: outdoors year round. Repot in bonsai soil soon, give a good trim (roots & top) & place in semi-shade to recuperate. Privets are tough -- it'll probably bounce back.

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