Oxalis 'Regnelli' tubers - -

carrie630(z7bNC)March 16, 2009

They are like little sticks - do I just put them into the ground vertically and make sure they are in part shade? There are no directions on the package.

I carefully looked at the tuber and there seems to be a tiny little fleck at one tip - probably where the plant will grow - and the other end is a bit chunkier...

Thanks for any help - I always thought they would be best in morning sun/afternoon shade - because it gets so hot here in NC in the summer - thanks


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vetivert8(NI-NZ zone 9a)

I think I'd plant them on their side and not too deeply. They 'know' which side is down...;-).

I'd use a fairly shallow pan*, too, with spreading room allowed. By the time the season has ended there is likely to be a serious increase in the number of bulbs. I've yet to meet an Oxalis, benign or otherwise, that doesn't like to multiply.

* an azalea dish could be suitable. About 4+" deep.

If your summer/hot weather comes in abruptly then your idea of morning sun and afternoon shade sounds practical, particularly for a mainly foliage plant.

They seem to like being reliably damp while growing, but dry out a little between waterings. Never bone dry all through. Still residual moisture further down in the pot.

It might not be so for you: however, take care when repotting to keep the spent mix out of the garden and compost heap. However shy and tender they might say they are - Oxalis can often find a way to settle in the garden. Just one little spawn bulb and they're away. :-(

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Thanks for the response... I bought one last year and it did come back but never seemed to multiply - which is what i did want it to do to fill in a shady area. Good tip on the bulb planting - plant on the side, never thought of that.

I wonder why everytime I came to the Bulb forum, it showed no one responded, yet when i clicked my original post, I found your post. Weird - that's happened before on the Soil, Compost forum but never on my Wintersowing forum...


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