Not to cause problems.... but.....

katob Z6ish, NE PaMarch 16, 2010

I noticed the fall edition of Breck and Becky's catalog is online now. Not that I was checking, but I just wanted to look something else up and saw it. My spring hasn't even started and I'm already looking at stuff for next spring.

It's a new website design and I haven't figured out yet how to just browse the catalog.... I'm sure with a little practice (LOL) I'll be ok.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Not to cause problems
Yeah, yeah, yeah...we hear ya.

Have you gotten your Mitsch catalog yet? Mine came earlier this week but I haven't gotten a chance to get any picked out yet though.

I'll have to wait for a rainy day to do that and to check out B and B's catalog on line.


Here is a link that might be useful: Here ya go...DAFFS!

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katob Z6ish, NE Pa

ok so I did a little practice and figured out where to browse all the bulbs.... go figure - I just had to click on the "shop" tab.

I guess it's true that websites need to be idiot friendly as well as logically laid out LOL

BTW this idiot received his Mitsch's catalog and is quite pleased. It's going to take a little work to look up pictures for the ones not illustrated and then convince myself that I deserve a treat of a couple new ones.... Maybe on a hot July day I'll crack and place an order. Right now though I'm too excited about the ones coming up outside!

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I did a quick peak on B&B, I will peruse in more detail later. I wish I could attend the Daffodil Days festival there this weekend, but I have a work party at my house tearing out carpet(yea!) and putting down laminate flooring.

I looked through the Mitsch catalog last night and saw several that would look very nice in my yard ;-).

But for now, I am enjoying the blooms I already have in my yard. My favorite new one (so far) is Gipsy Queen. It is so very tiny and perfect.


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