Moving Spring bulbs-in Spring? Yikes!

jessewo(5 PA)March 18, 2010

My neighbor is relocating a garden & her spring bulbs (tulips & daffs) are just starting to sprout. Can she relocate them now? I thought that they may not bloom this spring but will rebound next year. Has anyone else had to move bulbs in spring & what were the results?

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I've moved Spring flowers bulbs in the spring with no problems at all. The key to try not disturb the tender roots too much. They should be fine as long as your neighbor takes up a good amount of dirt around the bulbs.

There hardy bulbs I must say! I've come across a pot of daffodils which I left half way in a hole over the entire winter and they sprouted! I've planted them in the ground earlier this spring and now there on there already 3 inches tall. So your neighbor should have no problems.

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I believe gardeners should think of bulbs as storage units of last summers production of carbohydrates. Moving the bulbs during the growing season will cause some loss of stored energy but there is normally plenty left to cause the bulb to quickly grow roots in the new location. It is not the best time to move them but should not result in losses. Al

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Can they be moved late spring when their leaves are still browning? or right after they have died off? I need to move a couple at the end of May.

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katob Z6ish, NE Pa

Personally I like to move them when the tops are beginning to brown. At that point I can easily find them, I just move them like any leafy perennials. I just immediately replanting them wherever I want them to go..... unless it's a tulip. These I prefer to dig up, dry off, and replant in the fall.

But just to be clear, the best method for nearly all spring bloomers is to wait till they die back, dig up, dry the bulbs, store dry during the summer and replant in early fall.... (it's just the other method fits into my own schedule better).

-unless of course it's a specific bulb that doesn't like to dry off completely. Snowdrops and winter aconite come to mind.

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kentstar(5b, NE Ohio)

I moved my allium bulbs last spring. I just moved them with yellowed leaves and all. They are now starting to pop back up again where I moved them!

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billums_ms_7b(Delta MS 8A)

I've been digging up old clumps of daffodils and spreading them out around the yard for years now. I do it while they are blooming so I know which ones are which. I've never had any trouble doing this.

I saw a segment on Gardening by the Yard where a little old lady daffodil fanatic advised that you can move them any time without any permanent harm. She was right.

I can't grow tulips here except as a pre-chilled annual, so I'm no help there.

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