3000k, 6500k, what?!?

MLavoreJanuary 31, 2014

I am looking to get a good set of lights for my indoor container garden and have found a suitable fixture that holds 8 bulbs available in either 3000k or 6500k. I have browsed the web and heard people having good results with all 6500k, a 50/50 mix or any combination of bulbs.

Does anyone here have any direct experience with indoor grow lights in either of those "temperatures" and how well did they work? At this point I am considering a 50/50 mix and hoping for the best.

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

I have been using 6500k types since this past November. There are different kind of 6500k. I am using the Daylight and Daylight Deluxe. I am not an expert but I have been studying on this subject a lot , plus I have been getting good results with them.

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nil13(z21 L.A., CA (Mt. Washington))

plants can adapt to a very wide range of light. Color temp isn't going to matter all that much. It is basically just a measure of time of day. 11k is noon in the tropics, 3k would be sunset.

Now if you are looking to max out growth by any means, I would look to the triphosphor bulbs with a high CRI (color rendition index). They don't have spikes in the green spectrum to artifically bump up the lumen value. I would also get a nice electronic ballast instead of those crappy old magnetic ones. They will drive the fluorescents more brightly.

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