Menards has summer bulbs out.

linnea56(z5 IL)March 7, 2010

I know it's not as big a chain as HD, but you never know who might have one in their neigborhood.

They had:

Dahlias (very big selection, lots of cactus types, my favorite)

Glads (some really exotic ones)

Tuberous begonias (rose form, ruffled, and hanging basket in red, pink, and yellow)

Ranunculus (a few)

Caladiums (3 colors)

Lilies (all orientals: LeReve, Muscadet, Mona Lisa, Casa Blanca, Stargazer, Aubade, Legend, and lots of various pink ones whose names I forget)

Elephant ears (solid green kind) that were HUGE. $6.99, and some more than 4 inches across.

I bought Aubade and Legend there a few years ago when they went on clearance. They are STUNNING lilies.

This time I bought just dahlias. I got a solid purple cactus, and solid white cactus, an orange-yellow bi-color for my "hot" bed, and a cute little 10" purple single. I love singles, but they are hard to find in stores. I donÂt want everything to be enormous. The bags are in the garage so I donÂt remember names.

I am still thinking about other optionsÂ.I may go back. If I knew more how to start caladiums IÂd go for them. IÂve never grown the Elephant ears so am thinking about that too. Not sure where IÂd put one.

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lila888(Z5 IL)

Cool! Legend is on my wish list but the Menard's I went to yesterday don't have their bulbs out yet.

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linnea56(z5 IL)

My camera was not working when those were blooming last year, or IÂd include a picture. Because I had bought them on clearance in spring 2008, they just had green growth that year. I think Aubade had one flower in 08. Last year was the first time I had enough to really tell. Even though they did not exhibit their true height in 09 either, the flowers were large and beautifully formed. (I should just stop buying on clearance, but I canÂt resist a bargain.) ItÂs just personal preference, but I donÂt like the form of the "flat" open looking Orientals like Casa Blanca. I like them to have enough of a cone or trumpet shape to give them some depth. Both Legend and Aubade had this. Nice form and just enough ruffling. I love white flowers and the yellow stripe sparks the white up just enough. I believe Legend has a slight sprinkling of small red dots. The pictures I found of it online do not show this. The Lily Garden is offering it but their picture does not show the dots. Maybe that means that the MenardÂs Legend is not the true one.

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lila888(Z5 IL)

I believe Legend has no spots. The yellow stripe in the center is not as dark as The Lily Garden's pic. What I like about it is that they say it has big blooms. Is it true?

I bought Casa Blanca from Menard's last year. As it was on clearance, no blooms, just green stalk. I have acquired one from an on line vendor and I like it. As what you said, it is personal preference. Siberia is nice too.

No more BB store clearance bulbs for me this year. I learned my lesson. Bulbs do not perform or may I say do not flower at all. If I can get them early in the season, the better. Waiting until June to buy them, nah.


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lila888(Z5 IL)

I meant the question for those who grew Legend, is it true that it has big blooms?
Linnea56, does your Menard's legend has big blooms?

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Nancy zone 6

DRat, no Menards here. They have their bulbs out here, but nothing that wasn't available last year & I only have a couple of those. Maybe I need to do some traveling!

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linnea56(z5 IL)

Lila, I thought they were big. But because it was clearance, the stems were short. To me it was a full sized flower, maybe on the large side. Bigger than my other orientals. I donÂt consider last yearÂs performance to be normal though, since it was obviously still recovering. The stripe was not dark yellow. A much nicer, soft yellow. Many of the pictures I have seen online have had the color boosted in photoshop.

Yes, I shouldnÂt buy them on clearance. Generally if I see something I want I buy it the first time around, like the Commander in Chief, Triumphator, etc. ItÂs just that when they do go on clearance I feel sorry for them. ItÂs like wanting to bring home all the cats from the animal shelter. They are unappreciated and I want to give them a home.

This is why you canÂt dig anywhere in my garden without hitting something (and no, I donÂt mean dead cats).

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lila888(Z5 IL)

Maybe this year, Legend can fully recover and will put on a good show for you and its real beauty will come out. What other lilies you bought with Legend?

I did some rescuing of plants in fall of 08. I brought home 10 clearance rhodies and azaleas from HD. Also from Lowe's I rescued some hostas late fall in 08. All winter, I did not go near HD for fear I will bring home all of the Amaryllis on clearance.

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linnea56(z5 IL)

I know what you mean! I tried to stay away too! Mine never had the amaryllis on clearance...ask me how I know!

I have done this so many times. In 2008 I bought a lot of sale perennials in the fall, then the weather got bad (that was the September we had the torrential rain) and most didnÂt get planted. I had to bury the pots in the vegetable garden. Some made it, but many didnÂt. I swore IÂd learn from that. So last fall when I saw stuff go on sale, I bought only what I knew could get planted in one session. I would plant a batch, then go back for more. I did that 3, maybe 4 times. Perennials and bulbs both. The last time back all the stock was wiped out.

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lila888(Z5 IL)

Last year I had planted everything in the ground. I ran out of time planting the Specie tulips I purchased on line. The weather got really cold. I stored them in the fridge.

Some of the Azaleas did not make it. But the hostas came out beautiful. They looked like they were planted in my garden for years.

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