Advice needed on choosing callas

linnea56(z5 IL)March 6, 2010

I tried these last year and was underwhelmed. I know lots of people on here really like them so I think I just chose the wrong varieties. I bought a bag of pink and one of purple. When they bloomed I could not tell which color was which, the flowers were small (about 2 ¼ long and 1 ¼ wide), and the color was muddy. Each corm had only one flower. Actually, I think some of them had only leaves. Considering the dearth of flowers, they had too many leaves. That would have been ok if the leaves were pretty. The leaves I got were narrow, floppy, and solid light green: not those pretty, white speckled, arrow or spathe-shaped ones I have seen in pictures. I saved the corms to try again next summer but they are not getting a prime location until they prove themselves.

I just went through the Brent and BeckyÂs catalog and all the colored ones I saw there had the pretty speckled leaves! I feel cheated : (

I would like to try again. I think IÂll just go for white this time. Can anyone recommend a variety that will have heavily speckled leaves? The more white on the leaf the better. Plus ideally, larger flowers. I have never seen the garden ones growing, only florist, so donÂt know what is "normal" in terms of size.

Thanks for your help!

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kentstar(5b, NE Ohio)

Last spring I bought Calla's from Brent and Becky's, 12 in all I think. I planted 6 in the ground in one of my beds, 3 in one pot and the last 3 in another pot. Some of the potted ones had speckled leaves, all in the ground had solid green leaves, and to make matters worse, only the ones in the ground produced just two blooms! What gives? The ones in the pots looked horrible with just leaves and no flowers! And I guess they like to be in the ground better. lol
All I can say is good luck with getting any to bloom properly and with specks. Sorry I could'nt be more help. Maybe others in warmer zones have better luck than I did.

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linnea56(z5 IL)

Yes, my leaves looked much like yours. Maybe narrower and floppier. All mine were in pots. I bought mine at HD or similar place. I was thinking maybe they were just too cheap. Poor quality stock. When I looked through Brent and Becky's yesterday I thought that maybe theirs would be better. Apparently not!

That's why I'm thinking maybe the white is more reliable.

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donnabaskets(Zone 8a, Central MS)

I have grown the yellow ones in the past here. They had spotted leaves, but the leaves were floppy. They did bloom, but the blooms didn't last all that long, and the overall habit of the plant was disappointing. I gave them about 3 years in good moist soil in bright shade. After that I shovel pruned them. (My zone is quite different from yours, of course, and they are winter hardy here.)

Last year, I grew the white ones. They are a much superior plant in my experience. The leaves weren't speckled, but they were a rich dark green, provided nice bold texture, and were upright all season. The blooms were lovely, though again, short lived. I am hopeful the plant will be even better this year.

Don't know if this helps you. All the callas I bought were from big box stores in the plastic bags with peat. In a way, it's reassuring that even the B&B bulbs weren't much better...

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