Narcissi for zone 7b (Alabama)

madabouteu(8A - central Alabama)March 27, 2010

According to USDA I am in zone 7b; the Arbor Day Foundation map says zone 8a, and even in this harsh winter we did not go into single digits. I know that 'Ice Follies' and 'St. Kevern' are good daffodils (in other words, keep blooming year after year) for this zone, but what other daffodils will do well here? I planted 'Kedron' in fall 2008 and this second year it actually is doing better than the first year of bloom, so I have high hopes for it. For what it is worth, my soil is clayey but I dig a trench for the bulbs and give them some good soil. Thanks in advance.

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We have good results with Thalia. They are planted by the thousands in the heavy clay around the Visitor Center here. They are also very fragrant.
February Gold is another good long term colonizer. Thousands were planted 20 years ago and flow in and out of the Oakleaf Hydrangea drifts.
A smaller planting of Mt. Hood is still going strong. The closely related Snowflake/Leucojum aestivale'Gravetye Giant'also clumps up quickly here.
Narcissus 'Tete A Tete' and 'Kinglet' also come to mind. I first planted 'Kinglet' in 1974. It tends to go to foliage but it is still one of my favorites because of the jonquil fragrance.
Small clumps of Minnow, Sundisc and others have been at the house for decades. They require an occasional feeding or will go to foliage only. Their soil is a poor sandy loam and I've not tried them in the valley clays.


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fernaly(z7 AL)

I grew up in Jacksonville (New Liberty area) my mother had hundreds and hundreds of different daffs. She threw them in a hole and they grew like gang busters. Of course she could also take the stem of a rose and stick it in the ground and it would grow too. She had to amend her soil for some things that she grew but I never rememeber her putting anything around her daffs.

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I'm near Dallas,TX. Many of them bloom here.

Most prolific are Barret Brownins, the tazettas, Quail is a now favorite. many! Simple rule. Go for flowers with small trumpets and you won't be sorry. I have had poor return with King Alfred, Mon dragon, fortissima (but some do keep coming back in 2 places)

Love tet e tet, and jetfire and other little daffs too.

Happy planting

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