Starting cannas and elephant ears indoors?

linnea56(z5 IL)March 29, 2011

Does it give them enough of a head start to make a difference?

I have not had much luck with cannas in the past. By the time they were a foot tall, summer was over. I read here that they like moist conditions, which I don't have much of. (Unless you define clay soil as being moist!) I thought I'd give it one last try. I bought a package of 3. I succumbed mostly because I could see they were already growing in the bag, unlike the dried up ones I bought before that must have taken a very long time to wake up.

Do they take well to potting them up and starting indoors? I do well starting dahlias indoors.

A friend who was shopping with me bought a bunch of elephant ear bulbs, too (Colocasia, the plain green ones). One big one that already had a one inch sprout, and a bag of 4 smaller ones. I said I'd find out if they should/could be started indoors, too. Maybe it would compensate for planting them later into a garden that is not very moist?


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Yes you can start them indoors and put them in the garden when the soil warms up. Colocasia if planted too early will quickly rot in cold wet soil, so starting them indoors is a good idea. Once they have grown roots they resist rotting. Al

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