Whats eating the tops of my tulips??

Prettypetals_GA_7-8March 4, 2011

I noticed a couple weeks ago something is eating my tulip tops. I thought maybe deer or rabbits so I sprayed them with Liquid Fence to keep their chomping teeth off them. Is that whats eating them?? Thanks, Judy

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donnabaskets(Zone 8a, Central MS)

Certainly deer and rabbits are real possibilities. See any tracks?

You might try covering them with row covers until they bloom.

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luvahydrangea(Albany, NY 5)

I know the squirrels around here eat them. They eat everything. Horrible creatures.

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Hi donnabaskets, Yes I definitely have both critters and figured it was one or both of them but wondered too if it could be the squirrels also. I have an abundance of the deer and the squirrels and just a few bunnies thank goodness. The tulips are beginning to get taller now and I hope are safer the taller they get but I wanted to maybe be prepared next year when I see them emerging from the ground. Its always something it seems trying to eat my plants, usually the deer. Take care, Judy

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If its just the flower head and not much of the stem and leaves, you gotta figure its a squirrel. A deer would chomp most of the rising foliage don't you think!

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Well thats why I figured it was deer or rabbits because they chewed off the leaves that emerge first out of the soil. The flower stems are starting to grow up on most of them so I am keeping them sprayed with Liquid Fence to keep the deer away. I know the squirrels will take the bulb when you plant them so I sprinkled red pepper flakes to keep them away. I am always at battle with something. lol! I agree luvahydrangea, squirrels get into EVERYTHING! They dig the soil out of my pots, my mulch out of my beds, the seed out of my feeders, just to name a few. grrrrrr........

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donnabaskets(Zone 8a, Central MS)

It's an ongoing battle. I am pretty sure squirrels got my new and expensive Lady tulips this winter. (The queen is not pleased.:)

Deer particularly love tulips. Just as another possibility for you to try, I have had good luck this winter with sprinkling mothballs over my pansies once a month. This is the first year in three that I've kept them. They are gorgeous. (a comfort for the loss of the tulips. )

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Thanks donna. The dang deer are such a pain and eat anything they can get their teeth on. grrrr..... I didn't realize they would eat tulips so before I thought they might eat them it was toooooo late. The Liquid Fence usually works pretty darn good, that is when I get out and spray it. I will try the moth balls too and see how it does. Thanks a bunch, Judy

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Oh I'm just CRUSHED that this is happening to me too!
Oddly the more expensive tulips I bought aren't doing so great or else already half the buds were eaten. One day they are there, the next GONE!. I was so careful to protect them with chicken wire before they emerged. I'm so disappointed. Anyhow i Have quite a few beds not all of them were struck, I dont' know what to do to protect the rest,
someone please help... Email me or message me? I will check back here, but also read the other threads now to see if anyone had a solution.

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tuliper(7B RVA)

Coyote urine. It is said by some to not make any difference but, I've heard when used early in the growing season before deer have developed their feeding patterns, it works. Although, there is one major drawback. It may attract other coyotes.

If you're interested in spending over $20 on it and experimenting; take a bottle with holes around the sides and add pee soaked cotton balls, then hang it from a tree or bush in the area of concern.

Also, make sure to read up on the possibilities of attracting coyotes. That may be worse than deer...

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