Should I add compost to my container trees?

winstella(10b los angeles)January 30, 2014

I got some compost made of tree trimmings, poop from the zoo, and bio solids.

Should I add this into my container plants? Specifically my Meyer lemon, tangerine and Valencia orange trees.

What about my lettuce and basil pots?

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Jay Part Shade (Zone 10B, S21, Los Angeles)

Zoo poop? You have access to zoo animals? What kind of poop are we talking about? I'd totally trade up from bat to lion guano. I'm sure you could sell that to hard core pot growers who are insane about their mixes.

In all seriousness, no, don't put all that in a pot, unless it's a raised bed. And biosolids and zoo poop is probably filled with terrible bacteria that'd make you sick -- meat-eating animal guano is no good for composting.

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winstella(10b los angeles)

Boo :( what is it good for then??

LA gives free compost & mulch, just have to pick it up. They don't tell you what kind of animals, only that it's from the LA zoo...

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Jay Part Shade (Zone 10B, S21, Los Angeles)

Really? Good to know, I'm about 5 minutes from the zoo, I'll have to look into the compost. If they say it's good for food gardening, then give it a shot, that probably means they use only guano from veggie sources. But my guess is it's used for dumping on lawns and freshening up landscaping. You're the one who built the raised bed, right? If it's sitting on grass or dirt, then you can use compost, it'll drain freely with the ground underneath. If it's in a pot, then the compost will become a hot mess.

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