epw0946(b5 OH)March 20, 2010

I purchased narcissis flowers and they have flowered, beautifully I might add, now what do i do?? The blooms did not last long is that normal? Can they go outside? I would love to see them bloom again!!!


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When you say Narcissis also more commonly known as Daffodils, you really open a wide range in types in what it could be. Anyway you can proably go ahead plant the bulbs outside, One important note though is make sure you leave the leaves until they die off naturally becuase that is how they get there energy for next season. You would proably even see flowers next spring! You can plant them along a southern exposure, like on the south side of your house for extra early blooms!

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pitimpinai(z6 Chicago)

I wonder what type of Narcissi you purchased. If it's the Paperwhites, they may not be hardy in your zone. If they are those little yellow miniatures that we normally see in the store this time of year, they'll bloom again and again for you.

Are they similar to this one?

If so, you are in luck. :-)

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