A few spring pics from Georgia!!

Prettypetals_GA_7-8March 19, 2012

Just a few shots from North Georgia! Not alot blooming but its really starting to kick in. Soooooo ready for it all to get going. Thanks for looking, Judy

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Few more shots!!!

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natalie4b(7b GA)

Wow! Prettypetals, your garden is so colorful and beautiful.
What kind of tulips and camellia are these? Lovely!

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Thanks Natalie! I have no idea what the names are because I never keep up with names. I bought the striped camelia about 4 yrs ago at the sale that McCorkles has every year in Dearing Ga. Do you ever go? They have a huge sale every fathers day weekend and another one sometime in Sept. They have great prices but you never know what they are going to have. The other camelia I purchased about 8 yrs ago and had to move it this spring to build a back porch. I soooo hope it survives. My mums you shared with me are starting to get lots of leaves at the bottom. So anxious to see them bloom. Have a great spring and summer, Judy

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

Good grief! Is that what you call STARTING to kick in? Looks like Spring in full swing to me. Very pretty and all looking really healthy. Do you have to plant the tulips every year or do they rebloom for you? p.s. I'm wondering if they are Angelique.

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Hey Flora, There is alot blooming but no where near as much as last yr. Last yr I planted a bunch of tulips and only a few came back so most of these are from new ones planted last fall from Colorblends. I am thinking I might have to plant every year especially if we keep having winters like this past winter. I know I planted Angelique so your probably right on that one. Thanks, Judy

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

These pictures look wonderful. Your garden is really lovely. I really love that third shot what with the spring shrubs blooming and the tulips underneath. It looks like some sort of wonderland. Just fabulous!

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jason83(Zone 8b/9a (North Florida))

I concur! Very lovely photos! :)

I too especially love the 3rd shot - it looks like a magical woodland in spring!

Your magnolias are quite beautiful! Thank you for sharing :)

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Thanks you two!! I love springtime. I have bunches of azaleas fixing to bust open and can't wait. Love all the fresh greenery and bright colors popping here and there! Take care, Judy

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pippi21(Z7 Silver Spring, Md.)

Being a Southerner, I'm partial to the Southern landscapes, especially this time of the year. Wow! that camelia bush is loaded..beautiful! Is that a tulip tree or magnolia that is pink? Never seen anything but white magnolias. Do you have a Sweet shrub bush/aka Carolina Allspice? Love to smell them! Church friends of mine left yesterday for Savannah and Charleston. Hope they have beautiful weather while they are gone.

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brit5467(7b/8a Coastal VA)

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Everything is so HAPPY! I do especially love those tulips since I've never seen them before. About how long do they last? I've got some coral/red type (not as 'frilly' as yours...lol) and they are lasting much longer than my red & white ones. So am guessing differnt kinds last longer than others.

And what are those pretty pink flowers behind the little rock wall? I have it on the tip of my tongue...wanna say hyacinth. They are amazing looking !!

I'm on the coast of VA and have lots coming in but nothing like that....lucky YOU!!

Don't you just LOVE SPRING?? !!

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Awwwwww your sweet brit5467! Everything is really starting to pop now. I ordered some tulips from Van Engelen and Color Blends last fall but never remember the name. I love the "frilly" and peony type ones the most I think. Really like anything when its blooming though. I love everything. Really a crazy flower fanatic!! lol. The little flowers are hyacinth! Yaaaaay!! You were right!! They were kinda on the down slide but still cute in the pic. Yes I do looooove spring!! Really warm today, more like mid June. Yuck! Hope this doesn't mean our summer will be horribly hot. Thanks again, Judy

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brit5467(7b/8a Coastal VA)

Hey Judy...you're quite welcome !! Everyone loves kuddos...lol. Hate to admit it but the most joy I get for my garden, aside from looking at it myself cuz nature just amazes me, is when people actually take the time to stop IN THEIR CAR while I'm out tending it to tell me how much they enjoy my garden or how pretty it is. It's not the complment. It's that I'm touching someone else's life with the beauty of nature. That all the expense (which I pay for on disability), all the hard work, all my aches & pains after a long day out there is making a difference in their life, ya know?

We had a really warm day today in VA as well but not quite as hot as last week when I was out there in a bathing suit top (God forbid) and shorts (double God forbid...LOL) with my 55 y.o. white legs (well...54, 55 on the 7th). And out front, right 'on top of' 5 handsome young guys replacing my power pole for three days. Not quite the look I wanted to put out there in front of them...lol (I still feel so young at heart). But I didn't care. Just wanted to enjoy that gorgeous weather and was too hot for long pants!!!

I worry about summer being hot, too. But moreso, everyone says with the mild winter, the 'skeeters' didn't get killed off. And I'm allergic to them, in the sense that bites swell up size of quarters and itch like the dickens. And if there's one within 50 miles, it's gonna get me...lol.

And would you believe I saw one today !!!???? Holy crap...not YET !!!

Well, I just love the pink Hyacinth. I don't know much about them but am used to them being white or purple, so the pink is soooo pretty. I'm scared to check out where you bought your tulips. Flowers are like crack with me (not that I know what crack's like...lol). And I have the same problem. I save everyting but somehow lost my tulip info and have these really pretty red but more coral ones that have lasted for soooo long. I want to order more but don't even know where I got them from. Oh well....Happy Spring !! Email me sometime if you ever wanna chat flowers. Can't check now but think my address is on my 'page'.

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