Can daffodils rise through 6' soil + 4' mulch?

gardenerzone4(5b)March 23, 2011

I planted 100 Marieke daffodils last fall in a full sun clay site. Planted them 6" deep, then topped with 4" of crushed leaves/pine needles.

Can daffodils rise through 6" soil + 4" mulch? So far, only 20 of the 100 daffs have emerged. Their shoots are 5" above the mulch line. The other 80 daffs are probably still working their way through the mulch. I'm worried about them getting stuck in there permanently. I can't brush the mulch back now without breaking off daffodil tips.

If you have experience with daffs being strong enough to emerge through thick mulch, please set my mind at ease. I've read that some people even plant their daffs 9" deep to slow down the multiplying effect. That can't be too far from my setup, can it?

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Hi gardenerzone4,

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In checking, I see that Marieke is a Division One Trumpet (Long Cupped) daffodil that is hardy in your zone. Since bulbs are typically planted at a depth of 2-3 times the height of the bulb, and considering your zone, I think you planted them 'just right'. I would not really count pine needles and crushed leaves as additionl depth, since they are so much lighter than soil, particularly heavier clay soil.

I'd say so long as the soil drains fairly well, and if the newly planted bulbs got sufficient moisture to develop roots before the ground froze, that Marieke will put on a very nice show for you later this spring. Since the tips have emerged, that is a very good sign they will be fine. I think they may be a bit later than mid season, since the mulch will prevent the soil warming up in the sun.


Here is a link that might be useful: Marieke at Daffseek

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