freeze tolerance of growing/blooming spring observatio

hairmetal4ever(Z7 MD)March 30, 2011

This is more "just for fun" than anything but I was looking for input, confirmation, contrary opinions...

Over my years of gardening, I've determined approximately the following freeze hardiness for the following bulbs (temps in fahrenheit):


-In ground - well below zero

-Growing tips, no unfolded leaves ~0F, colder under snow

-Leaves expanding, buds visible in center, mid teens

-color showing/opening or open flowers, varies, generally mid 20s, but later varieties more tender


-In ground - well below zero

-Growing tips, no unfolded leaves ~0F, colder under snow

-Leaves 2 - 5" tall, buds visible in center, single digits

-Open flowers: as low as the mid teens, but stems usually show damage and fail to support blooms if freeze lasts several days or is accompanied by wind or snow, and damage is less severe or nonexistent if daytime temps are over 40.


-In ground - well below zero

-Growing tips, no unfolded leaves - I've never seen damage

Leaves expanding, low teens

-open flowers, varies, but as cold as 15F has been endured in my garden and colder under snowcover


Absolute Zero - kidding, but I've never seen them damaged


Varies, but similar to daffodils

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Just a general comment on the durability of bulbs in general, here where the ground does not freeze. I took over a garden ten years ago and this year crocus and some daffodil varieties have flowered for the first time. They have been in the ground without growing for ten years,(at least)and this year with our rainfall well over normal, they not only grew but they flowered. Al

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