Mix done and veggies re-potted!

tropicaliaJanuary 27, 2011

I mentioned on another thread that i was mixing the 5-1-1. so I just wanted to share some pics of the progress.

some of the plants were already too old to re-pot but I am new at this and did not know to put them right away in the bigger pot. I re-pot most, still need few more pots to go.

Just after 2 days the Zucchinis are looking soooo happy. The flower was so nice, big and beautiful this morning.

The tomatoes are looking good and broccoli too. I hope they will be fine and produce something for us. My son is so excited. Because of this group, I am trying new things learning so much! Thanks.

Well here are some pics.

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Something else that's really cool ....... is we're ALL excited for you, too. Take a bow - you deserve it! Way to go!

Best luck!


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Yes, a BIG bow, because not only will you be excited to see your plants grow in this mix, but so will your plants!

Great job! Please keep us updated on the growth.


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Al if you did not share your talent and experience I really think I would not be trying all this. It is impressive your dedication to this forum. Thank you so much for helping us all.
I feel like going around talking about the new discovery. Guys, the first think my son want to do in the morning is checking the plants!(So cute!) So I bought 24 little pots to plant some seeds to give to each of my son's classmates to motivate them and their moms to get this beautiful experience too.
It is so good that I found this place. I am super excited and all my family too. :)
Should I fertilize them now or leave them alone for few days until they get stronger?

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Such kind words - thank you very much! It's very rewarding/gratifying for me to see advice/suggestions/methods implemented with good and regular success. Feeling like I've made a difference by helping someone else get more satisfaction from their growing efforts is really the reason I'm here. It feels very good to know that. It's not a prideful thing - I feel 3-ways blessed. One way is that I'm able to help. Another way is that it doesn't feel like a chore - that I am able to take personal satisfaction from helping where I can (but there are a LOT of us like that). And finally, I feel blessed that there are people who want/need/appreciate the help, and that they do express their appreciation from time to time.

It's all a neat little package that goes round & round & what makes up a community. ;o)

You can fertilize now, but .... if the mean (average) temperature is below 55* where you live, wait until it warms up to above that threshold. This is especially true if you are using urea-based fertilizer.

For your kindness ...... BEST luck!


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I am still impressed when I look at the pics here Mike I will definately share and hopefully I will have more good news than bad news. :)
But I realize that with the bad news, you learn from that and make the good news be really more enjoyable.

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