quick glad question

mchad21March 6, 2009

I've experimented with glads over the years, and in my zone, they just can't survive the hot summer days we have...it's not really that hot, but as soon as they bloom they get crispy.

But because I love them as a cut flower, I've got a new plan this year. I built a couple raised beds in an area that gets dappled sun, and only about 2 hours a day of it. It's successfully growing tulips there right now, so I think it will work.

I plan to grow them as annuals, and plan to plant over a period of weeks to extend the bloom season. My question is: How close can I plant the bulbs? Shoulder to shoulder? Remember these will be annuals, so no worries about overcrowding next year.

Thanks all!


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Glads are like weeds here and the heat of summer is not a problem if they get summer water. In your plan I think about four inches apart would be OK. Before planting I would arrange a string support for each row to prevent growing at an angle. Al

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calistoga, do yours get crispy from the sun? Your area gets more heat than mine, so any tips would be appreciated. I give them plenty of summer water...but they just seem to dry up.

But I was thinking about it and it really doesn't matter..if I'm growing them for cut flowers only, I can just cut them before they open, right?

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My glads are in a bed drip irrigated and they remain growing and green until the fall. Here in California we get no rain from May to November and most garden plants are watered through the summer. The bulbs multiply every year and although the colors tend to revert, mostly to Orange, I only dig them to move or separate. Al

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Mine will be drip irrigated as well...but I don't think they are getting crispy due to lack of water. Oh well, maybe less sun in my case will be better.

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Maryl zone 7a

Thrips can cause the blooms to "crisp" if there is a bad enough infestation.

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ah..ok..so how do I prevent thrips?

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