My bulbs are growing in the bag...

metaletteMarch 6, 2010

I found some packages of crocuses, irises, and tulips that I did not realize were in the basement. The tulips were moldy so I threw them away, but about half of the irises and crocuses were NOT moldy and have already starting to grow... I'm not sure what to do, I know they are normally supposed to be planted in the fall, but I think maybe the basement might have chilled them enough to survive. Should I chill them in the refrigerator now for a few more weeks? Or are they ready to plant since they've already got little stems sticking out of the bulbs? Should I try planting them outside? Should I plant them indoors? I just put them in the drawer in the fridge, so I'm hoping this doesn't kill them since they've already started growing. Any advice will help, thanks in advance.

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iris_gal(z9 CA)

Into soil immediately. Or they will deplete themselves.

The iris (Dutch ?) may not like the outdoor temps right now. You could place the pots outside in a sunny (?) spot during the day and bring in at night. The crocus may not mind cold night temps.

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I have snow on the ground but just bought a pack of bulbs which were sprouting, so I potted the bulbs indoors and will move them to the ground outside when it gets warmer. Large peat pots are excellent for this type of use because you can put the whole pot in the ground.

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