What flower bulbs to plant on a slope?

someguyinmaineApril 28, 2009

Hi all. I have a slope that has a rise of about 15 ft with an inclination of about 70-80°. It gets dappled shade in the morning and about 4 hours full afternoon sun. There is some type of perennial vetch that prevents the slope from eroding. I am wondering what type of perennial flowers would be good on this slope, as it's not good for much else. Would this be a good spot for day lilies, crocus, squill, colchicum, daffodils, etc...?

Thanks for any recommendations.

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I have a similar setting. This bank faces east. Mine has been covered with Naturalizing Narcissus for over 30 years. Now I'm adding for earlier bloom, Galanthus, snowdrops. Early snow Crocus would work as well. I'm also adding Tulip 'Scarlet Baby' from Brent & Becky's, which bloom at the same time as the daffodils. Very early bulbs would work, as the crown vetch and other weeds get started the end of April and would hide any other later bloomers.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Oh Paula, What a great hill! Thanks for sharing. I now want to go plant a hill somewhere as you have me inspired.


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Any bulbs will do well on a slope. They are not very good at preventing erosion. A vetch cover crop grown for erosion control will compete with the bulbs for nutrients. There are many plants very good at erosion control that are also attractive and colorful. Al

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Yea....but if it's crown vetch, it's impossible to entirely eradicate. Mine creeped in from the roadside until it took over. An attempt in the 1970's to plant vinca minor as the main groundcover succeeded, after pulling and killing the vetch, but it is coinciding with the crown vetch now. Doesn't matter to me, it's the 'wild area'.

Thanks for the compliment Sue

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How about lily of the valley. I can send you enough to plant the whole thing.

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