Canna and Zantadeschia questions

miclino(5)April 26, 2012

I recently purchased some Canna australia from Brent and Beckys. Would they affected by lawn chemicals if planted at the edge of the lawn? Is hot afternoon sun a bad idea?

Same questions for Zantadeschia aethiopica and Z. paco. Is part sun good enough for this plant?

Finally, would you plant these around the phone/internet pod/hub thingies that are in the lawn knowing that you have to dig the bulbs out later in the year?

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Also, the highs are barely hitting 60s here this week. I read that Cannas hate cool soil. These plants are in small pots with almost a foot of foliage. Should I wait to plant till its warmer?

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sun_worshiper(FL 9b)

I'm in FL. Cannas love the heat. Mine are in the hottest spot in my yard, up against a south facing wall in full sun. They love it. They will perform fine in up to half shade here, but prefer sun. They don't really get going until daytime temps start hitting upper 70s to low 80s. Mine stay in ground year round, but they are semi-dormant in winter. I'd wait to plant yours out until the daytime temps are in the 70s.

Zantadeschia prefers part shade. I have tried them in full sun here, and it is too much for them. But when I used to live in Portland, OR, they could take full sun there. The Zantadeschia is more of a cool weather plant.

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ifraser25(z11 Brazil)

Neither of these plants will survive outdoors over winter in Michigan. Be prepared to lift the tubers and store them frost free over winter. In the case of cannas I prefer to keep them in growth all the year round by keeping them in a centrally heated environment with plenty of light. They do not go dormant naturally so it is better to avoid this.

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Was digging up the bed to plant the cannas and found the tubers from last season. They looked healthy and firm. We have had such a mild winter that I am not surprised they survived. Once it gets warmer I fully expect to see shoots.

How much light would be required to keep them from going dormant?

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