Ideas for entryway

kbard(6b PA)January 13, 2013

Hi everyone, with the temps in the 50s we have had this weekend in PA, and the fact that I see saw some daffodils coming up in my yard today (umm, should I do something about that? seems not normal...), I have been brainstorming what to do in the garden this year. My entryway area needs help, I am attaching pics of my entryway. It is about 4-5 rows wide of those big boring pavers. I want to put some kind of containers, or planter, or something against that very high blue plain siding. I don't want just low pots on the ground since its probably about 25 feet high. I attached one idea. As far as what to plant in there, as you can see there were nice petunias growing in the cracks by accident and I wouldn't mind some of those. It gets no sun until 1pm so I would say mostly shady overall. Any other thoughts? Thanks

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kbard(6b PA)

P.s. please don't comment on the inappropriate looking boxwoods. We just bought the house and I'm not chopping anything until at least next year

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Asiatic lilies or any type hearty bulbs in general for mid to late spring some bulbs give flowering way into summer complemented with some late spring to early fall Garu and other low laying plants, perhaps a couple low laying carpet type roses placed a fair distance inside the edge but not to close to the.... Please dont hide that dwarf maple ( or what ever the classic dwarf tree is)
Loving that fireplace brick face too clematis ?

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nil13(z21 L.A., CA (Mt. Washington))

That looks like a good spot for 'wooly pockets'. I picked up a few on sale on Fab for our entryway.

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Mike Larkin

Your first consideration - how much room do you have for guests to come to and stand at the front door. It appears very tight on the right side. Add a planter and where will people stand? Without measurements it is a guess. It appears maybe 16- 24" of space. Your photo is nice and a good pick for a wider spot. Once in place would it extend into the path of the guest coming to the front door? You have a nice wide door area now, dont make it feel cramped.
Mostly shady ( not sure how much light that is)Do you get any sun? This makes it even more challenging to find just the right plant.
I would like to see something decortative on the wall, not necessarily a plant. Something that goes with the style of the house.


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kbard(6b PA)

It is very wide. At least 8 feet. Each of those paver stones is about 18" and it is about 4-5 pavers wide. I will take another pic today with something for scale. Basically even if the container stuck out 2.5 feet and was 7 feet wide it would be fine.These wolly pockets, how are they attached? I don't really want to attach anything to the siding if possible

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kbard(6b PA)

More pictures. I think eventually I may get rid of the pavers, this entry is not so great looking. Just want something temporary to make it look nice

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kbard(6b PA)

Mike, the front facade faces directly west so gets no sun until afternoon and even then honestly I'm not sure how much the part right next to the wall gets, it was enough for those crack dwelling accidental petunias to do great all year long though. I work all day every day so I don't know the sun conditions in detail, just got the house in the spring.

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The area on the left side of door looks good for few different size pots, if you really want something on the right side, I would suggest a narrow long planter full of ornamental grass - I would choose a tall grass.
It is also very easy maitained and could be left uncut over winter for the 'winter interest'.

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nil13(z21 L.A., CA (Mt. Washington))

wooly pockets come with screws to attach them, but we used 'el' hooks to make removal easy. Of course we have never had to remove them yet. I don't know what kind of siding that is, but you would probably want to go through the sheathing behind it if the siding is vinyl. If you're worried about water, just squirt a little silicone in the hole before putting in the screw. That will seal everything up.

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

I don't know about the entry area, and sorry to be off topic, but I think your home is crying desperately for a pair of Chamaecyparis (now Xanthocyparis) nootkatensis, aka Alaskan weeping cedar, in either the "Strict Weeper" or "Green Arrow". They're made to be placed one either side of the tall windows, and wouldn't block the view.

When you get a minute, see what you think.

There's also a very strictly weeping beech, green or purple that would look wonderful.


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The Ficus Wrangler

Yes, I was thinking a couple of taller (not necessarily matching) plants on each side of the entry out near the driveway; some varied-height plants along both side - ornamental grass if it's not too fat, I love ornamental grass - lilies, whatever appeals to you, just make sure whatever you put in is rated for light to moderate shade; a wall-covering - trellis, woolie pockets, whatever - on the stone to the left of the door would be the place I would like to see that; then small pots of seasonal flowering material scattered among the larger plants. Not living in your area, sorry, don't have any specific specie suggestions, but I would suggest you just look at lots of pictures.

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I was thinking the same thing as plantman56 in regards to room for guests to stand and the porch area not feeling crowded.

My instincts went immediately to metal wall art on the right and "living art" consisting of pots of bright annual flowers in the river rock on the left. Then continuing the same annuals in more pots along the front river rock area.

I understand that you don't want to attach anything to the siding, but it would be less maintenance with your busy work schedule. It would still offer interest at the front door after annual flower pots are emptied and stored away during the winter.

Whatever direction you go, know that you have a very lovely home with a lot of landscaping potential. Take your time, think it through and do it right the first time. You'll have a calming, satisfied feeling each time you pull into the drive after a long day at work.

The link below is examples of some designs for wall art that I'm referring to. I do not know how weather resistant these particular items are. I am not affiliated with these people and have not ordered from them.


Here is a link that might be useful: ideas for wall art

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kbard(6b PA)

Hi everyone, thanks for all the advice and sorry to respond so late (and hi Al, I'm a big fan!) after lots of discussion with DH I think eventually we will probably go with 2 Alaskan weeping cedars and get rid of the boxwoods. I always did want something tall there... Hence the statement in my original post about 'please don't comment on the boxwoods'- they just don't look right being so short.

In reference to the ideas of the entryway, well it was a nice idea to it something there but I am getting realistic about my priorities and I just can't bother with that issue right now. I have 1500+ sq ft of unruly beds that need serious help. I just posted about it on the weeds forum, haha. So maybe something for the entry way once everything else is under control (never?)

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