Lost over 100 Allium Globemaster to Voles!

denninmi(8a)April 3, 2010

I was just sick about this. Yesterday, I was walking around the yard, and it dawned on me that there wasn't any sign of this large patch of Alliums coming up, when the foliage should probably be up about 4 inches by this point.

So, with a sinking feeling, I started to poke around in the bed. It was totally undermined with vole tunnels. All gone. There are still a few Nectosecordium bulbadifferum at the edge of the planting that they left alone.

What really surprises me about this is the fact that I've always read/heard that alliums are rodent-proof -- they seem to be promoted that way in the literature put out by the industry (like the little blurbs printed on the display boxes at garden centers).

I know I've never had anything bother my alliums before.

Has anyone else ever lost Alliums to voles.

I have a couple hundred Star of Peria alliums in another bed. Those are all up and growing. For now, until the voles move over there, I guess.

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I have no knowledge or experience with that but I just wanted to say I'm so, so sorry. I'll bet that patch was gorgeous in the past. I hope you have pictures. How sad

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Nancy zone 6

How devastating, I'm so sorry. I am also under the impression that critters don't bother alliums. Still, I've had alliums simply disappear after a few years. Six of the short white flowered alliums disappeared one year, & lost all my globemasters another year. I've lost drumstick alliums before, but I've attributed that to me pulling them up thinking they were wild onions. I'm not sure mine was due to voles though, I don't remember seeing their tunnels but I didn't really think to look. I know I have voles/moles or something, my cats are always catching them. I had lilies growing close by that were ok.

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kentstar(5b, NE Ohio)

I'd be declaring war! Grrrr! One vole for every bulb!

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