Tulipa greigii in full bloom (pic)

linaria_gwApril 25, 2013

Hi there,
last year I did a planting design for an old people`s home. There is a cafe-thing with an outdoor area, and for vivid spring colors, I planned 180 Tulipa greigii on 16 m2 (or 172 sq ft). That is a kind of planter which doubles as banister.
Yesterday I managed to take fotos, and see what 2 days of sunshine did after a long cold spell.

When I saw those flowers it kind of made my heart hop,

have a nice spring, bye, Lin

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iris_gal(z9 CA)

Very colorful! Will these greigii naturalize in your climate?

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Thanks, Irisgal
yes, they are longlived, as long as you plant them deep enough and dont damage them when weeding. We do get enough frost and a winter to make them go dormant without a problem.
Their color range is somewhat limited, so people often go for fancier cultivars. They are kind of old-fashioned work-horse varieties.

o, and here is a close-up

can you grow tulips in z9?

bye, Lin

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iris_gal(z9 CA)

Thanks for the answer Linaria. And the close-up!

I planted greigiis and kaufmannianas 17 years ago. They didn't have a chance re: naturalizing in the adobe soil.

Our winter night freezes are about 3 hrs. long for 3-4 weeks. So now that my soil is improved I'm wondering about trying greigiis again as I quite like them. If they didn't naturalize for you I knew they surely wouldn't here!

10 miles away is a colder zone 9 where peonies bloom! May have to move over the hill ;-)

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