Identifying bulb colors

pippi21(Z7 Silver Spring, Md.)April 9, 2010

Any suggestions how to go about marking the color of my tulips? I have no idea what color is planted where and I'd like to dig them up in the Fall and replant them over so they will all be grouped by color together, making more of an organized and appealing to the eye bed. Other than taking pictures with the digital camera, I came up with the thought of tying a pipe cleaner around the stem of the tulip that corresponds with the color of the tulip. Do pipe cleaners come in colors or if they come in all white, could I use spray paint to spray the pipe cleaner? I could always use plastic plant markers but they are all white and would stick out like a sore thumb. Open to suggestions. I also want to be able to group them according to color so I will know where the bulbs are planted so I can plant other annuals there to hide the tulip leaves as they are dying down. Do you cut the leaves off after the tulips have finished blooming or just let it die back naturally? I've done both and I don't think it makes any difference even though experts usually recommend you leave the leaves to die on their own. That seems to take longer than I have patience for!

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Certainly pipe cleaners come in colors, look at your local craft store. But, what happens when the bulb foliage falls off for the year? Also, plastic stakes for labeling plants are available in green, or you could maybe make them yourself in clear or whatever color by cutting up sheets of craft plastic.

I think it's important not to remove the leaves until they aren't green any more, unless you don't intend to reuse the bulbs. Which, obviously you do, otherwise you wouldn't be marking them.

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iris_gal(z9 CA)

I agree with letting the leaves turn yellow. I would push the pipe cleaner down right beside the stem. And before the foliage is totally loosened from the bulb, dig each one.

I've used yarn before and it loosens, or the birds steal it.

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