Lily bulb cages

sujiwan_gwApril 27, 2010

My gorgeous lilies from the past couple years did absolutely fine until this winter. I had lined the bed with hardware cloth and all around. I did not, however, have a top. I figured the buggers weren't going to climb up and over if they found my bed. After the snow melted I found lots of holes down in the bed plus something had pulled bulbs out and methodically chewed each one, leaving a pile of scales next to the bed. I don't know which culprit *that* is. Any ideas?

I have new lilies on order and I figure I have to put them in cages. But I'm not sure about the gauge since some of these lilies have really thick stalks! Will the stems get through the opening and yet keep the voles from getting inside the cage?

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I've never used cages to protect my lilies, but some of my Orienpets have up to 1.5" diameter stalks. I guess it is more than enough for voles to get into the cage.
Have you tried repellent? I treat my bulbs with Bonide Bulb Dust. It also acts as an insecticide and bulb rot control.

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That's what I'm worried about--those monster stalks! No, I haven't tried Bonide products. It looks like that is more for insect or fungal stuff.

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It also acts as a repellent. It contains Cedar Oil, Garlic Powder and Dried Blood as the active ingredients. ingredients. The manual says: Grow healthy bulbs resistant to insect, desease and rodent depredation.

BTW, did we buy Epimediums from Naylor Creek together a couple of years ago??

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