Watering Requirements For Gladiolus??

brownthumb65(8B Florida)April 15, 2010

Good Morning Everyone!

I am a new gardener and decided to plant some Gladiolus.

My question is this:

After initial planting of the bulbs it says to "water well" and I've done that, but how often should I water them before they start to sprout??

I don't want them to drown and die before hand.

Thanks for any advice.


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brownthumb65(8B Florida)


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Gladiolus corms provide virtually everything the plant needs to sprout and produce bloom stalks. You surely can kill them (rot) by overwatering. Since you've watered after planting as recommended, leave them alone...

... then, water plants during the summer if rainfall is less than 1 inch per week.

Be prepared to stake them once bloom stalks appear. The flower stalk is heavy and they tend to fall over. You can mitigate that by planting them a little deeper than they recommend and also much closer together than they recommend. They are more attractive planted in bunches rather than in soldierly marching rows.

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brownthumb65(8B Florida)

Thank you duluthinbloomz4! I didn't know they were called corms, but now I do. I appreciate your input. I am trying these for the first time and I kinda did a zig zag pattern. I was reading that I could also plant some more in a couple of weeks to get even more flowers during the season. I planted 10 and I am a bit out of shape so I am still recovering and will do the other 10 since you mentioned they can be planted closer together. I have them spaced at about 7 inches now.

I also am pretty sure I can leave these in the ground since I am zone 8b for the winter. Thank God for that!

Thanks again.


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Many gardeners will plant glads weekly to extend the bloom season. They are very unlikely to rot in the soil even if you have prolonged rain. From planting to bloom will be very close to 90 days. They will over winter in your zone and multiply. Colors may change over the years and may all end up the same color. Mine revert to an orange shade. Average garden soil suits them, and fertilizing may add to the need to stake. Al

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