Please help: Dwarf pomegranate dropping leaves

prairieflowerAugust 4, 2007

Hi, I received what I believe to be a dwarf pomegranate bonsai as a gift a few months ago.. it was purchased by a friend at a garden shop and had been healthy - lush, glossy dark green leaves until about 10 days ago when it suddenly began dropping leaves. Some turned yellow (although not fully yellow), some just dried up and fell off. Currently no more than 25% of leaves remain and I fear the plant may be dying.

There are no pests on the plant - therefore I believe it's a problem with water, temperature or light. (Though it receives a lot of light.)

Could the plant be going dormant? If so, can I keep it alive ?

It is kept indoors - previously rotated in a window sill - I fear it may have become too hot in past month, so now kept further away from window, yet in bright light. I've usually watered when soil became dry, as necessary.

Once the problem began I tried watering a bit more frequently, then letting it dry out in case yellowing/dried leaves was due to under/over watering but it seemed to have little effect. It is an indoor plant - am in Dubai - desert conditions with temperatures exceeding 115 F this time of year..

I have read through the forum but couldn't find exact information and would appreciate any help/suggestions. While this is my first bonsai, I have many other indoor plants, and this is the first plant that's died back so am very concerned..

Thanks for any advise.

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A picture would help a lot to guage pot vs. plant size (have you taken it out of the pot to see if it's rootbound?). Yellowing does usually mean it's getting watered too often, but not knowing in fact how hot it is indoors (115?) it's hard to judge the relative balance. I hope it's nowhere near an airconditioner, because that can cause trouble too. Don't be afraid of sun INdoors, unless it's really baking right against the glass, a pom. shouldn't mind that much at all and could suffer from not enough depending on how many hours it gets daily. I also hope you're watering from above and not by immersion, and that the soil down into the pot isn't soggy wet from the previous watering (just moist is better, and dry on top.

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Hi Lucy, Thanks for your answer! I don't see how to post a photo - could you tell me how?

As of today it's improving - quite a few new buds and leaves, counted at least 16 that bursted out between this morning and midnight - pretty exciting bc it looked dire a few days ago!

I've always watered from top - never left soggy. Temperature has been between 72-80 F, maybe a tad more due to faulty ac..

After posting the initial message I added a second platter with water below (under the drainage tray) for humidity - appears it may be helping..

Just checked the bottom of the pot and noticed that there is indeed one root poking out now (wasn't there 6 weeks ago). Should I repot? Or would that be too stressful now?

Late March: IMG_0333.JPG

August (starting to revive after very sudden leaf drop):


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when I first got it (late March):

In July:

Today: (after sudden dastic leaf drop, but beginning to show new growth)

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lol thats a ficus.. thats not a punica granatum.. Dwarf pomegranate. Its a tiger bark ficus Dont worry its common for ficus to leaf drop. the new leaf will adapt to its new home,light ect...
Have fun there strong trees.

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