How long are bulbs viable?

Cliftons(5a)April 27, 2013

I found a small stash of bulbs in my inlaws unheated garage, daffodils, alliums, poppy anemones, tiger lilies and a few other types.

I saw a date of 2000 on a few of the packages.

Are any of these bulbs still viable?

I realize bulbs that have been sitting around for 13 years may not have a chance. What would be the best practice to try to plant? Would I soak the bulbs in water then plant?

Thanks in advance. Pam

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I wouldn't soak those types of bulbs. Generally the bulbs one soaks are tuberous ones such as anemones and ranunculus.

I would be very surprised if any of those bulbs were still viable. If you want to try them, I'd pot them in containers or in a garden area close to the house where you could keep an eye on them. There is always room for surprises in one's life.

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