Bonsai Identification help?

chicagopepper(5b Chicago)August 13, 2010

Hello, I'm usually hanging out on the hot pepper forum, but I'm the lucky recipient of this beautiful bonsai tree and have no idea what kind of tree it is and/or how to care for it. If I can figure out what variety it is, then I can figure out how much sun it needs, soil requirements, etc. Can anyone help me out? Here are some pictures! Thank you very much!!! - Matt

Really shiny little leaves:

Rough bark, not smooth:

Thank you!

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IT looks like a fukien tea by the leaves to me..I hope someone else looks to be sure. these trees are really fussy so keep this in mind. where are you keeping it??watch the water do not let it stay wet.. have you seen any little white flowers?? look for some buds on long stems.hope this helps you good luck...john

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chicagopepper(5b Chicago)

Thanks John, I did some google searches and I think you may be right - a "small leaf fukien tea" tree. If anyone sees this and disagrees, please post what the tree is! Thank you.

I'm keeping it on a windowsill facing south that gets around 2 hours of direct sunlight per day. So far, it seems quite content with this. I water about every 3 or 4 days, just to wet but not oversoak. This seems to be working and the tree seems very content.

What a beautiful plant. Anyone know what the life expectancy of a tree like this might be, in ideal conditions. I hope to have this tree around for years.

Thanks again for responding. Love the GWF!

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