japanese pagoda tree

moyogi_john(z6 WV)August 21, 2005

is this tree sophora japonica worth trying for bonsai??? i found one at a local nursery i can get cheap please let me know thank you very much john

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castorcrap(z5 wv & z6 Md)

I have heard of it being used for that. Ive seen a picture of a miniature bonsai of it before. I recall the leaves didnt shrink down much, and it looked like a long trunk with a clump of cascading long leaflets hanging down. Sorry I havent heard more. try www.bonsai-bci.com/species/indexcommon.html. If you can get it cheap and it has interesting form allready, you might as well try it.

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i don't know if this is a sophora japonica. I got it from a nursery in Boise, ID and it was labled "baby pagoda". I tried to attach a link to the photo of the tree.

Here is a link that might be useful: pagoda pic

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