Juniper Bonsai Fertilizer

Sonarctica(SW PA)August 17, 2005

I need to buy a liquid fertilizer for my bonsai (juniper) because liquid is recommended by the "experts." I need to know the best kind of feritlizer to buy, i was searching and came up wit MirAcid as one, but i wanted to hear of other ideas and whether or not Miracid is a good idea. Any help is appreciated. heading to college so i need to find some fertilizer for my tree before i go. thanks

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vcd1(z5 Michigan)

Why a liquid? 1. It is easier to dilute. 2. A small bottle is easier to move than a 10 or 25 lb. bag. Other than that fertilizer is fertilizer. Miricle-Gro does make a liquid that I use for my indoor (TROPICALS). Where are you going to keep your juniper? 1. It is not a tropical plant. 2. It needs a period of cold (dormancy not a dorm room) each winter. Junipers make great Bonsai that you will enjoy for years to come. Please learn more about it. Your reference to the experts leads me to believe you have done some reading, please do more.

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Sonarctica(SW PA)

I bought the book, The Bonsai Workshop, by Herb L. Gustafson. It is a great book for any beginners looking for help. I too am a beginner, and this is my first bonsai. i was planning on taking it to college with me, but after reading the threads i need to rethink my ideas. I could allow it to stay outside in the winter to allow it a dormant period while still caring for it. i bought this tree from a grocery store, i know bad idea, and it is already in a bonsai pot. I was not happy with the shape of the tree and i believe it waws allowed to grow freely to allow the consumer to choose the style. i plan on a slant-type tree since it does in fact slant to one side. i want it to grow and i was going to transfer it to a bigger bonsai pot with new soil and fertilizer to help it grow. I chose my soil already at it is 100 aggregate, and is recommended for pine bonsai. I was going to utilize the fertilizer to give it the organic needs that it requires. Hopefully i'm doing the right thing help my out.

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I use Miricle Grow for azaleas. It's the new version of Mir-acid, just sounds less toxic! I use it for leaf feeding also. If you plan to leaf feed Junipers/Shimpaku you need to get up early. The poors on Shimpaku are only open very early in the morning and that's when you want to feed them. If you do it in the afternoon it's not doing much. This is also a great reason to get up early before the heat to work the trees.

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Welby_M_D(7 DE)

MiricleGro for Azaleas is probably one of the best, and redily available. I use it on all my other conifers as well.

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