right time to plant new day lilly in 7A

jollyrd(Richmond VA)April 1, 2011

I remember that I devided my day lilly plants in fall two years ago. But when is the right time to plant new day lilly bulbs in Richmond VA area?

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Daylilies - Hemerocallis - are not really bulbs, despite the 'lily' part of their name :-) They are fleshy rooted perennials and can be planted as soon as your soil is workable (no longer frozen, not overly saturated) and at any time through the growing season.

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jollyrd(Richmond VA)

that's right, they are not bulbs, silly me. I remeber they just have roots/rhizomes.

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I have been lifting and replanting the wandering daylilies that jump the neighbour's fence into my kitchen garden for the past two years at various times during the growing season. I always get good results no matter when I transplant them. It seems to me these are among the most forgiving plants. I also apply what I read somewhere about these guys liking to be planted close together, so I usually dig a big hole and just dump a bunch of rhizomes without applying any kind of spacing. It is likely that some rhizomes just die, but the ones that don't seem to make up for this nicely.

Interestingly, I have left rhizomes with leaves attached in buckets for weeks on end before finding the time to plant them. I periodically drench them in the mean time. They most amazingly survive and don't seem to be bothered by this shady practice.

Don't worry too much and just go ahead and dump them if your soil is workable.

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