Crocuses didn't send up flowers...?

mclarkeApril 6, 2010

Three years ago I planted about 400 crocus bulbs. The two following springs, we had a lovely show, but this year, no blossoms.

The foliage is up, and looks healthy, but no buds, no blossoms. It's not rabbits, because I've dealt with rabbits before, and I know what rabbit damage looks like. There are NO buds at all, just foliage.

We had a 30" snowfall in late winter... could that have inhibited the blooms?

Any ideas?

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My crocuses had 2 feet on snow on them and came up fine, but they were new this year.

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Maybe they have become over crowded. I plant around 10 every fall so I'm always running into previous corms that I simply move around.

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Thanks for your replies. I don't thing they're overcrowded... there are a lot of them, but I planted them to line a walkway. Lots of elbow room, LOL.

I guess I'll just have to wait till next year.

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