ftuiting bonsai

red_sea_meAugust 29, 2006

I was curious what type of fruiting bonsai people are growing? Do they flower or fruit for you?

I have:

Natal plum w/flowers (no fruit yet)

American plum w/nada

Fig w/nada

Almond tree w/nada (still very young)

Chaste Tree w/nada

My next ones to get

Jaboticaba and Pitomba



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Hi, yes small sized fruit is best as large ones won't reduce, but many won't grow fruit til they're a few yrs old, and they all need a lot of sun to do it in (but you seem to be in a great location for that). What is w/nada? Do you mean 'nana' as in small? And what is Pitomba?

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Hey Lucy,
sorry, w/nada=with no flowers or fruit yet. A Pitomba is a tropical fruit tree, w/small yellow fruits. Many websites (tradewindsfruit) have references to them, though the trees seem hard to come by. They and the Jaboticaba are very slow growers making (seem) excellent for bonsai.

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Nada as in '0' with (w/) nada

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check out my exchange on this form. I have some calamondin oranges Im looking to trade. I have had the tree for about a year and Im having a bumber crop even after I trimed about 3/4 of the flowers off. The only problem with this tree is it has large leaves. My tree is pre bonsai and Im still deciding if im going to go as far as the bonsai pot, either way Im going to shape it.
I have a promgranet I picked up at walmart for $5 and its flowering, dont know if Ill get fruit thou.

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Hello ,
Read that someone might have yellow Jaboticaba seed and wonder If you would consider parting with a few seeds

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mike423(5 IL)

Brazilian rain tree (flowering)
Bougainvillea (Flowering)
Serissa (Flowering)
Emperor Dwarf Pomegranate (Flowering and fruiting)

Apple (flowering/ don't allow to fruit)
Japanese Quince (flowering/ don't allow to fruit)
Lilac (Flowering)

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