Fukien Tea Bonsai Sap/Mealy Bugs?!?!?!

candycoutureAugust 15, 2007

I recently purchased a 10 year old Fukien Tea Bonsai. He is in excellent health and produces numerous leaves, flowers, and berries daily but recently I noticed these nasty TINY little bugs that seem to be a pale white or green color attaching themselves to the new flower buds and leafs! They are so creepy and gross and no matter how many I remove each day they come back within a few hours. I am not 100% sure what type of bug they are, but from reading internet reviews they seem to be some type of sap sucking mealy bug.

I was told I can dip the plant (not the roots) in a liquid soap and water mix but for some reason that seem so harmful, and I havent the first clue as to what kind of spray I could buy to fight of these sick little things, so any advice or help would be MUCH appreciated!!!


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I think you might have aphids (watch out for ants who are attracted by them!) and the best (and safest) thing you can do is find some Neem oil at a nursery, either by its own name, or as the major ingredient in a spray made for roses. Soap and water sprays aren't as effective on aphids as they are on spider mites and not always received as well by the plant. Good luck.

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