Newbie question - what spring flower bulbs can I plant now?

jenn_b(z7 MD)April 11, 2006

Hi - I am new to this forum. I had surgery last fall and was unable to get all my bulbs in the ground. My questions are as follows:

- Pink firecracker flower - can I plant now and still have it bloom or does it need that "cold period" for successful blooming?

- Can I plant these extra bulbs this coming fall? Or will they go bad? They spent the winter in a box in my garage. These include windflowers, snowdrops, camassia quamash, pirand tulips (one of which has some growth), ice stick tulips, lily, and lavender mountain lily (some have growth).

Any advice you can give me is greatly appreciated!!

Thanks - Jenn

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Hi Jenn,
I'm assuming your garage is unheated, so they got some cold treatment. The tulips definitely need some cold treatment to bloom. You need to plant them all now. They may not bloom that well, but if you don't they will die.
The snowdrops are probably already goners. They need to be planted in a moist location right away.

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jenn_b(z7 MD)

Remy - thanks for the info! I appreciate it! I guess I'll just see what happens!


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Janine Starykowicz

Lilies are fine to plant now, they'll bloom this year. By windflower, do you mean those from South Africa? They aren't hardy here, so fine for spring planting.

Unless it is mushy or molded (can't wipe off) get it in the ground. Even if it won't bloom this year, it has a better chance for next year in the ground than in your garage.

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the_farmers_wife(zone 5 Montana)

I was going to ask the same thing - what bulbs can be planted now for any flowers this spring/summer? Lillies are great, I might try that - is there anything else?

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